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Jacqueline Set to Redefine Blogging


By Ofonime Iboro

Jacqueline is a lifestyle blogger who brings her passion for fashion into the world of blogging. With lifewithjacquie.com, she aims to inform and educate her readers on her concept of fashion, while looking to make some money off blogging. In this interview with Ofonime Iboro, Jacqueline bares her mind as a lifestyle blogger.


What is your name?


My name is Jacqueline


What do you do?


I do quite a bit, but at the moment, I’m a lifestyle blogger for my blog lifewithjacquie.com


How did you start?


I originally wanted to start an online store, because I was really passionate about fashion and wanted to create my own clothing line, but a friend of mine convinced me to try out blogging as a way to express myself creatively. I took her advice and after months of researching and really familiarizing myself with the world of blogging, I started my very own blog in Nov of 2016.


How successful have you been as a blogger?


I’ve had some really good moments in the months since I started lifewithjacquie.com A lot of positive feedback but I’m definitely not where I want to be. What I really love however is how disciplined and creative I’ve become as a result of blogging and my interaction with other like-minded people. I am really happy about that.


What is your vision?


My vision for my brand and myself is to be happy and healthy and to inspire others to be the same, to grow continually and to learn something new every day.

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What keeps you going?


My dreams of course. Like I mentioned before, I’m not where I want to be yet, where I know I can be. It’s the determination to always do more and accomplish my goals that keeps me going.


Any frustration so far?


I’m still quite new to the blogosphere so I haven’t encountered any major frustrations..


Who is your role model and what advice do you have for upcoming bloggers?


My role model is Oprah Winfrey, with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis a close second.


My advice to upcoming bloggers would be to pick a niche you love because blogging can get really trying, so in order for you to keep going and not give up, you really have to be passionate about what it is you’re blogging about.


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