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Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Burden

By Emmanuel Udotong Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, governor of Akwa Ibom State, has an unyielding burden, political, moral and spiritual, hanging down his neck like an albatross. The burden is a direct consequence of how he came into office as governor. Udom was brought into Akwa Ibom to be a lapdog, a stooge to former governor Godswill Akpabio. Akpabio had a ...

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The Argument for Buhari

 By Temitope Ajayi I participated actively in the electoral campaign that brought in the Buhari administration at the highest level. On the strength of the work i did with other Volunteers at the Buhari Support Organizations, i was nominated into the APC Presidential Campaign Council’s Media & Publicity Directorate. During the campaign and after election some of my colleagues and ...

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The Serio-comedy that is Neo-Biafranism

By Tochukwu Ezukanma A lady from Akwa Ibom derisively talked about the map depicting the frontiers of Indigenous People of Biafra’s (IPOB) Biafra. The map placed her state within the boundaries of Biafra. The lady thought it was comical, and facetiously, she added, “If I am now asked my country, I will say Biafra”. Yes, neo-Biafranism is comical because it ...

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The Bane of the Igbo

By Tochukwu Ezukanma   A onetime British Prime Minister, William Gladstone, called the Constitution of the United States of American “the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man”. And American was conceived in “such brave hope and largeness of ideas”. The ideals that underpinned the nation were encapsulated in her ...

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FAYOSE: The Thick and Thin of a Maverick Actor

By Adewale Adeoye Like an epic battle between a lion and a tiger, Nigerians are anxious for the 2018 elections in   Ekiti, a small but significant ancestral state. Since 2003,  Ekiti has seen a star actor on the national stage. Sitting like an incubus is Ayo Fayose, 49. His opponent know this: elections with Fayose is like the fight between ...

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Leadership is for the Dead —1

Only the dead can lead effectively. Shocked? Don’t be! Just get used to that fact. When I speak of death I am not talking about the morbid coldness of a lifeless body in a forlorn mortuary. The death I write is however akin to it in its metaphoric import. Death signifies a loss of sensitivity. Any leader who desires to ...

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